Frequently Asked Questions

- Do we need an appointment to take a tour of the banquet facility?
You do not need to make an appointment. You can stop out whenever is convenient for you. We are available during our office hours which are Monday - Friday 11:00 AM - 7:00PM & Saturday - Sunday 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

- Does Tuscany Falls charge tax or gratuity?
Sales tax is additional, which for Mokena is currently 7.5%. You will see this amount added to your final bill. We also include it in your estimates, so you can budget your expenses appropriately. There is NO additional gratuity fee that is required, and it will not be added to your final bill.

- Is my price guaranteed once I sign a contract?
Yes! Once you sign a contract with Tuscany Falls in Mokena, your price per person is 100% guaranteed.

- Does Tuscany Falls offer any special promotions or discounts?
Yes! We offer different promotions throughout the year, so fill out an inquiry for all of our current special offers. Click here to request a price.

- Are there any discounts available for events NOT on a Saturday Evening?
Yes! We offer room minimum discounts, as well as price discounts. Please contact us with your specific date, & we will be happy to review your discount options.

- What is the discount for children?
Children ages 2 - 12 are discounted to half price. Children under 2 years old are free! However this discount may not be valid with certain promotions

- Are you handicap accessible?
Yes we are. The restrooms and banquet rooms are all located on the main level. The bridal suites are located up stairs, and we do not have an elevator.

- Can I have my wedding ceremony at your facility?
Yes! You can have your wedding ceremony on-site at Tuscany Falls. All ceremonies are held in the same room as your reception, so this way you can have as few or as many people attend. You will have one hour prior to your wedding reception to have your wedding ceremony. You will have access to your private bridal suite one hour prior to the ceremony start time. Please contact one of our wedding specialists for more information.

- Where do I need to get my marriage license from if I am getting married at Tuscany Falls Banquets & Events?
Tuscany Falls is located in Will County. For more information about a Will County marriage license please click here.

- Can I have my wedding ceremony rehearsal at your facility?
Yes! Ceremony rehearsals can be held for an additional fee on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm. You have to schedule the rehearsal in advance. Please contact one of our wedding specialists for more information or view our on-site ceremony information here.

- Can I hold a date?
We unfortunately cannot put any date on hold. Once you would like to reserve a date, you need a signed contract and a deposit.

- How do I reserve a banquet room?
Once you have decided on Tuscany Falls Banquets for your event, you can stop out so we can write up your contract. When signing your contract, you need to know the date of your event, the banquet room you would like to reserve, the time you would like your event to happen, an idea of what menu you would like (ex: family style, a certain plated meal, or something else), and any extras you might be interested in (you can always adjust the additional options throughout the planning process). Also when you sign a contract, you will have to put down a deposit. That amount depends on what you are reserving. Please see below the general deposit guidelines.

- What is the first initial deposit?
The following is just a general guideline. Please speak to one of the banquet coordinators for your deposit amount. Deposits depend on the room minimum, your price per person, and the amount of time between when you sign a contract & the date of your event.
East Room: $1,000; North Room: $1,000; South Room: $1,000; West Room: $1,000; North & South Room: $1,000
East & North Room: $2,000; South & West Room: $2,000
East, North, & South Room: $3,000; North, South, & West Room: $3,000
East, North, South, & West Room (the whole building): $4,000

- Is there a payment plan?
Yes! Your specific payment plan depends on a few key factors: your room minimum, your price per person, & the amount of time between when you sign a contract & the date of your event. Please contact one of our banquet coordinators. They can help you figure out your customized payment plan.

- What forms of payment are accepted?
Deposits are payable by personal check, cash, certified checks, cashiers checks, and money orders. We can accept a personal check up until 1 month before your event date. After that we can accept a money order, certified check, cashiers check, or cash. We do NOT accept credit or debit cards.

- When are my final count, final payment, & final decisions due?
Your final count is due one week prior to your event. In some situations, we may need it two weeks prior to your event, so please refer to your contract. We will need your final decisions on your menu & additional options 30 days prior to your event. We recommend finalizing all of your contact details a month before your event since you are generally very busy with last minute details. Your final payment is due two days before your event. Your final payment is payable by money order, certified check, cashiers check, or cash.

- What is your cancellation policy?
If you have to cancel your event, please contact us. Any deposits made up until the date of the cancellation are non refundable and non transferable.

- Does each dining room offer a bridal suite?
Yes! Each of our dining rooms has a private bridal suite that you can use for your entire event. The bridal suites feature a personal restroom, seating area, and a staircase that leads down into your banquet room for a grand entrance.

- Do you allow outside catering?
Unfortunately we do not allow any outside catering. All of our meals are prepared fresh on site by our experienced culinary team.

- Is there anyone to help us on the day of the event?
Yes! The day of your event, there will be many staff members here to assist you. We will have a greeter in the lobby to help direct your guests to the appropriate room. Also, each event has their own dedicated staff, including a room supervisor. There will also be a manager who will be available, and they will be sure to introduce themselves to you. If you need anything, please let us know, & we will be happy to help you!

- How many guests are at each table?
We base our seating on 10 guests at a table.

- How many guests can I seat at my head table?
We are able to accommodate any number of guests at a head table. Our record number at a head table is 48 guests. Please contact one of our banquet coordinators to assist you in deciding how many guests for your head table.

- Do you offer any special dietary meals?
Yes we do. Please tell us what you are looking for, and we will do the best we can to accommodate you and your guests. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and kids meals are common requests. If you have any questions about menu options, you can contact us at 708-479-1919.

- Can we upgrade to a top shelf open bar?
Tuscany Falls includes a premium open bar in the evening & afternoon dinner packages. You can always upgrade the liquor for an additional charge. We have found that most people are only looking for a few specific liquor additions to the open bar. It is a more inexpensive route to go for most people to just add what they are looking for, rather than upgrading every single liquor. Please let us know what you are looking for, and we would be happy to price out anything you are interested in. You can add as many bottles or cases as you want. Some of our customers want one bottle just for a certain person, maybe the bride, groom, or parent. Where as others want to purchase enough for all of the guests.

- Can we bring in our own liquor?
Unfortunately you cannot. We would be happy to price out anything that you are interested in purchasing. Also, please remember for the day of your event that we do not allow any outside liquor. Have a plan for your coolers once you exit your limo since they cannot enter the building.

- Can I bring in desserts?
You can either purchase a wedding cake through Tuscany Falls, or you can bring in your own. All cakes must be purchased from a licensed and insured bakery. We require you or the bakery to provide us with a copy of their liability insurance and permit to operate that is issued by their health department. We will also need a receipt. If you are interested in a sweet table, please talk to a Tuscany Falls' representative about your options. All pastries must be purchased from Tuscany Falls. Candy tables have been very popular as a wedding favor recently. You can bring in your own candy, but it all has to be "store bought" candy. You will need to provide the containers, scoops, and someone will need to set up your candy table. We do not allow any homemade goods.

- Can we bring in our own linen?
All linen must be purchased through Tuscany Falls Banquets. If you are interested in any linen or specialty chairs, Tuscany Falls stays current with all of the most popular wedding & event trends. Please stop out and see the many choices of fabric, color, and linen options, as well as different chair and chair cover options.

- Do we need to use outside vendors for anything?
Tuscany Falls Banquets & Events is pretty much a one stop shop, if you want it to be. We can make your event planning very simple by Tuscany Falls providing almost any service you need (centerpieces, decorations, linens, lighting, DJs, photo booths, and so much more).

- What will you set up?
We will set up your place cards (please alphabetize them), favors, cake topper, cake knives, guest book, pen, envelope box, and toasting glasses.

- Do you include centerpieces?
Yes we do! The centerpiece we include for all of your guests tables is a glass cylinder vase with glass beads in the bottom filled with water and a floating candle. It is surrounded by four votive candles. Our centerpiece is complimentary, so if you do not use it, there is no price discount.

- Can I bring in my own centerpieces?
Yes you can. It is no problem if you would like to bring in your own centerpiece. DiNolfo's Banquets does not set up centerpieces unless it is provided by us. You can contact us for when you will have access before your event start time to set up your centerpieces.

- Are there any restrictions with decorations?
You can use candles, but the flame will have to be enclosed in glass (in a votive cup, or a vase), and the wax has to collect in the same container. We allow fresh flower centerpieces and rose petals. You cannot hang anything from the ceiling, chandeliers, or wall sconces. You cannot tape anything to the walls. All structures have to be free standing. We do not allow any confetti, smoke machines, bubble machines, fireworks, and pyrotechnics. If you are concerned about any of your decorations, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

- Can I leave my centerpieces over night?
Anything that you bring in must be taken with you once your event is finished. If you had a florist set up your centerpieces, but something is rented from your florist, you will need to make sure they pick up everything that evening. Tuscany Falls is not responsible for anything lost or damaged.

- Are you near any hotels?
Yes we are! There are many options within 2-5 minutes from us. Many of the hotels even offer a complimentary shuttle service to and from Tuscany Falls Banquets. Click here for our local accommodations page

- Are you near any major highways?
Yes we are conveniently located minutes from I-80 right off of LaGrange on 191st street. Interstate 80 connects to most major highways in the Chicagoland area: I-355, I-55, I-57, I-294, and I-90/94. Being so close to I-80 makes this location easily accessible from downtown Chicago, the Northern suburbs, Southern suburbs, Western suburbs, and Indiana.

- Are you near any train stations?
Yes we are! The Hickory Creek Metra Station (the Rock Island Line), is across the street. The address is 9430 Hickory Creek Drive, Mokena, IL 60448. For more information about this train station, click here.

- Do you have any vendor recommendations?
We absolutely would love to recommend some of our favorite vendors that we have worked with through the years. There are so many wonderful people to work with, and hopefully this list can help you out in the planning process. This list is compiled from vendors that will do a great job for you, but you do not need to use any of these vendors.

- Are there any restrictions with outside vendors?
We require all vendors to have liability insurance. Please contact us, so we can check to see if your vendor needs to supply us with their information.

- Can we leave a car in your parking lot over night?
Yes. Please let us know if you are leaving a vehicle over night. We want all of your guests to have a great time, but to also be responsible. Please do not drink and drive.
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